• Soup
  • Filled Baguettes
  • Cocktail Pasties, Pork Pies and Scotch Eggs
  • Pate
  • Drinks
  • Dips/Olives
  • Quiche and Salads
  • Luxuries

We love soup! The first change Chris and Catherine made to Blacks when they bought it eight years ago was to introduce take away soup to Chagford! Due to demand we make it fresh every day, 12 months of the year. The soups change with the seasons and in autumn and winter there is a daily choice of two.

The small white and brown baguettes are baked off daily. Made to order while you wait or by pre ordering over the phone, enjoy combinations such as; Pastrami and Gherkin, Honey Roasted Ham and Mature Taw Valley Cheddar, Rare Roast Beef and Horseradish or Mozzarella, Pesto and Tomato.

'If we have it available we will happily put it into your baguette!'

Must have additions to your lunch, these classics deserve their place in any picnic. Cocktail Pasties are mini versions of the pasty, minced beef, onion and potato encased in shortcrust pastry, or the vegetarian variation of cheddar cheese and onion. Our locally sourced Pork Pies are rich in flavour and the hot water crust pastry is cooked to perfection. The scotch egg, a hard boiled egg cocooned in sausage meat and finished with breadcrumbs.

Blacks Chicken Liver Pâté: Our signature pâté that has been made in the Delicatessen for over 20 years. Carefully cooked chicken livers, flambéd in brandy and lightly flavoured with thyme and puréed to a smooth consistency.

Blacks Spicy Pork and Apricot Pâté: A coarse pork pâté with apricots throughout, spiced with Christmas and a little bit of heat. Cooked 'sous vide' and dressed with an Apricot Jelly it is a perfect light supper or buffet addition.

To add contrast we offer the Belgium classic pâtés of Ardennes which is a coarse country paté, robust and earthy, and Brussels which is smooth and creamy.

Our fridge and shelves are full of the best soft (and stronger!) drinks that the south west can offer. Large bottles of Luscombe Devon Apple or Apple blended with Ginger, Elderflower or Pear. Small bottles of Hot, Cool or Passionate Ginger Beer, Elderflower Bubbly or Raspberry Crush to name but a few. Try our Juicy Waters or Whole Earth Cans too.

If you require something a little stronger, we stock beers from Otter Brewery, ciders from Winkleigh, wines from the Sharpham Estate, and Chagford's own sparkling cider Kestor Gold.

What picnic would be complete without olives to pick at and dips to dunk bread into? We have chosen the finest Sun-blushed tomato stuffed, Garlic stuffed and Almond stuffed green olives, alongside pitted Amphissas and delicious Kalamatas.

Various types of Houmous, Guacamoles, Taramosalata and Tzatziki., breadsticks, crisps and crackers.

Quiche: It's what we are known for!

12'', 10'' and 9 '' – Quiche Lorraine (Bacon and Tomato), Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable (Peppers, Courgettes and Aubergines), Smoked Salmon and Asparagus, Caramelised Onions with Three Cheeses, Chorizo and Peppadews, and Smoked Mackerel with Roasted Beetroot and Horseradish.

Individual/Mini – All of the above …….and Smoked Trout and Watercress, Leek and Stilton, Goat's Cheese with Sun-Blushed Tomatoes and Spinach, Mushroom, Roasted Beetroot, Walnut and Stilton, Olde English Sausage, Bacon and a Spicy brown sauce, Pastrami, Gherkin and Horseradish, Smoked Turkey and Cranberry and Honey Roasted Ham and Tomato.

Salads: Freshly made salads, available year round, include Coleslaw, Mixed Beans with Peppers and Fresh Coriander, Greek, Tuna/Mayo, Cashew and Celery, Blacks Potato Salad with Bacon and a Horseradish mayo, Beetroot, Orange and Pomegranate. Seasonal favourites include Autumn Couscous, Fig and Goat's cheese, Aubergine and Pomegranate, Asparagus tips with mange tout and pea shoots, Oriental Cucumber and toasted sesame seeds.

Why not order a dozen Quails' eggs to dip into celery salt, or chat with Chris about other ideas he or you might have to make your picnic special?